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1994 Bmw 5 Series #1

1966 Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada Thrilling the Sotheby’s

Renzo Rivolta is the famous Italian-known automotive and motorcycle maker, being far famed for building superior sports cars on American plants after selling the rights to German BMW Group. Laugh a minute but today we know the name of its chief engineer better than the corporate Rivolta name. Giotto Bizzarrini worked for Rivolta for years and elaborated the unique GT coupe under the name ISO Rivolta. Bizzarrini is considered to develop so-called front-mid-powered configuration that immediately became crazy popular. After that, he founded his own venture company aiming to build 2+2 coupes and releasing GT Strada 5300 model as his brainchild. Until 1968, only 115 (approximately) GT Strada models were developed as a street version and produced to build up.

The road car distinguishes with an extraordinary beauty of the body, considering definitely as the main characteristic feature of the 5300 Strada. The rally-race version took the Corsa name while the road cars of 2,450mm wheelbase were called Stradas sporting a fiberglass alloy-bodywork, longitudinal struts and independent front suspension through wishbones.  Under the hood, the model is powered with a V-8 engine producing 350hp at 5,359cc with 4-speed manual transmission. Sorry to say, but Bizzarrini decided not to replace the model.