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2017 RAM Power Wagon Demonstrating Abilities on the Floor of Chicago Auto Show

Practically, when attending the automotive events and expos, we all would like to witness the vehicles’ abilities in full size. Though, one actually has to deal with the limits in a relatively closed space – that’s the key reason why the automotive companies are in favour of the cool demo footages instead. RAM, even so, took a step further and demonstrated the extreme suspension of the new 2017 Power Wagon coming straight on the stage.

Based on the 2500 HD Crew Cab, the current Power Wagon of 2017 is precisely upgraded to be unveiled at the event. First of all, the design team improved the entire appearance – hence, the upgraded version would be available in several two-tone styling variants to order. The silver graphics is mated with the deep black Wagon only; the gloss-black graphics goes with the other paints like white, granite, red, silver and blue, all in brand RAM monotone paint.

The wheels have been also upgraded; for this 2017 Power Wagon, 33-inch Goodyear Duratrac tires, coupled with 17-inch forged-aluminum wheels, are used.  The interior is available in two trim options too, a standard and a premium kit.