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1964 Citroen 2CV #1

Farewell to Falcon; Blue Oval Ceased the Ute Production

Today is believed to be a very, very sorrowful day for the Australian automotive industry. Today the last far-famed Falcon Ute is to roll off the production line in Melbourne ticking the end of the 90-year epoch of all the Blue Oval Australian manufacturing. The Broadmeadows assembly line has been brought out the final production vehicle of an epochal load-lugger, a niveous XR6. Yet another auto history has come to a full stop having left over 467,690 units and seven generations behind.

Today marks not only the end of the 90 years of Ford Australia’s manufacturing, but also the end of 55 years of unceasing Falcon Ute production in the Land Down Under country, the production which had been started in 1961 with a heavy-hitter of the time, the Oz-born XK Falcon model. Instead of the post-consumer Falcon Ute, the Thai-made Ranger pick-up has already considered Blue Oval’s top-selling product in the local market flying off the dealers.