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Ssangyong May Broad Expansion Overseas

Ssangyoung which is considered to be the South Korean fourth automaker seems to broaden its sales market overseas. With a new range of newly unveiled concepts, the Korean car manufacturer is quite serious about taking on even U.S. market. Well, it was high time considering the company sustains some losses because of low sales on the Russian market.

Russia is conventionally considered to be the main export place for Ssangyong. However, the poor sales results should have been balanced; due to this fact, the South Korean car maker is going to try a new expansion plan using a brand-new company name. 

The company announced a rough time and a proper sum of investment according to the words of Choi Johng-sik, Ssangyong CEO. It will take circa 3-4 years and at least $100 million to expand a new market.