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Top Gear: One of the Strangest Ways to Announce the Cara

Some great news from Ferrari has been suddenly revealed through the Top Gear episode.  A cutting-edge LaFerrari Spider open-top is going to hit customers. When? Relatively soon if Gordon Ramsey is anything to go by.

There were rumors in the air about Ferrari is going to launch carbon-structure Spider convertibles, something in the wind, like this. A limited number of units were also expected. Maranello, though, said the company would not speculate about the forthcoming future models, with no official confirmation.  The Top Gear episode has tested the waters; a LaFerrari Spider hypercar is definitely happening, equipped with a V12 power unit, boosted electrically. Moreover, it would be a 950bhp open-top!

Gordon Ramsay, having pulled the box within the episode, made the roofless Spider to be revealed quite clear. He also conveyed a message that customers booked their vehicles about three month ago. Maranello, said Ramsay, intends to build 150 units only. At that, he showed off the key from supposedly expected Spider.  It should be also mentioned that Ferrari diverted any comments as well as official press releases yet.