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TVR Unveiled its Ultralimited 200mph Coupe

When just without seeing clients have placed deposits to pre-order a new super-duper sports coupe, it may mean they trust a carmaker’s brand a lot. Or rather, it may confirm this coupe promises to be at least fantabulous. And both statements are correct as it comes to the latest astonishing V8 two-seater by TVR.

A Blackpool-based car company revealed its coupe model at a series of exclusive meetings of customers and company’s representatives. Designed to focus on a lightweight construction and electrifying performance, the complete launch-edition model will weight around 1,200 kilograms. The new TVR model will feature Gordon Murray’s “iStream Carbon” chassis design philosophy which implies a monocoque tubular structure with carbon fiber panels. Powered by a Cosworth-enhanced (Mustang-derived GT’s) 5.0-liter V8 version, the front-engined two-seater will offer more than 410bhp, sprinting from 0-60mhp time in around 4 seconds and exceeding 200mhp top speed. The first full-scale production models are expected to be built and tested in the summer of 2018; first deliveries are promised to be started in 2019.