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VW GTI Racers Attacking Tracks This Year

True fans of the International Touring Car Series will get a chance to witness a customer GTI racecar in the run this year. Volkswagen will take part in the event with the official Motorsport TCR racer; the runners are strictly limited in number. The carmaker will make only 20 units, and they are already spoken for.

The current heart-stopping 330-hp TCR loaded is expected to weigh 2,822 pounds. That is, it comes to a significant weight reduction as the road-going GTI extends back over 3,000 pounds (namely 3,031) not including the driver. The 2.0T Volkswagen inline-four engine is borrowed from the Golf R version delivering the abovementioned 303 hp and 302 pound-feet of torque. The TCR racer is expected to accelerate a 143mph top speed sprinting a 0-62 time in 5.2 seconds. VW Motorsport made some interior improvements having added head-protected racing seat and safety tank inside the vehicle. So we eagerly look forward to check these racers attacking the tracks this year.