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1968 Volvo 145 #1

In the Wings of Future with the GTZero

Italdesign’s GTZero concept makes waves at the 2016 Geneva Motors. Create a sensation? Italdesign exactly knows what’s what. Codenamed the GTZero, the fabulous futuristically-looking vehicle is heavily inspired by two iconic 90’s models, 1995 Daewoo Bucrane along with 1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera. As a result, the GTZero impersonates, as the coachbuilder says, the glorious semicentennary of Italdesign.

So they rolled on the electric concept with strongly pronounced fenders and a long front end. Being based on a monocoque carbon frame, the concept is powered by three electric motors to obtain an impressive output of 483hp. A top speed, limited electronically, reaches 155mph.

The FWD vehicle features also four-wheel-steering which delivers a range of 310 miles via the battery pack to be recharged in about half an hour. There are also some unique exterior design kickers like 23-inch two-tone wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero tires or the brand parking brake.