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Zero Emissions, Zero Windows: IED Shiwa Vanquishes Geneva

A new venturous challenge has been flown to the nearest future. A visionary wildcat, the bold IED Shiwa self-driving concept debuts at the floor of Palexpo these days. This futuristic vehicle is absolutely noiseless, it boasts zero emission and it…doesn’t feature any windows with that. Needless to say, attendees feel as attracted to this sensational concept as flies to honey.

Youngjin Shim, the Korean student, had started this ambitious project to draft several years ago. Her sci-fi unique concept’s idea appeared so catching that the project was eventually worked up by the Turin European Design Institute. Codenamed Shiwa, which means “fold” in Japanese, the concept is apparently inspired by Origami, the ancient art of paper folding. Then it stands to reason that the fabulous concept got such a relevant brand name; it obviously looks like folded down.

The AWD four-seater is powered by four electric motors mounted on the wheels to provide zero emission whatsoever.